Renovation Process

Your old machines may have a new extended service life!

Check-Up Machine

Our technical staff is divided into teams specialized to overhaul precisely the different types of machines.

Each machine is being disassembled and examined to determinate what needs to be refurbished or replaced and to order the original spare parts.

Refurbished Machine

Once totally disassembled, each machine is being carefully cleaned, polished, all worn-out parts changed and new ordered parts replaced

Reassemble and Test Run

Our technicians takes the utmost care in assembling and test run the machine (by possibility with product).

We provide pictures and video during the process of refurbishment and the final test run of the machine.

Packaging and Shipment

SIND ensures that every machine is safely packed and reaches its destination by the agreed delivery terms.

After-Sales Service

Our technicians are always on hand to provide instant support should an urgent situation arise.

SIND warehouse offers a wide range of spare parts, new and used, ready for intermediate intervention to solve any problem.

Machine Service

Our service is equipped with the most modern tools, but it also employs top experts and engineers with decades of experience in this field.

Smoke chamber FESSMANN 2 trollies

Smoke chamber FESSMANN 2 trollies


Grinder REX

Vacuum Cutter LASKA 330 liter

Vacuum Cutter LASKA 330 liter

Vacuum Tumbler 1000 liter

Vacuum Tumbler 1000 liter

Grinder Kremer Grebe 160

Grinder Kremer Grebe 160

Maurer smoke chamber for 2 trolleys

Final works of general servicing of Maurer smoke chamber for 2 trolleys

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