Treif - Divider Type 2550

  • Type: Treif Divider Type 2550 
  • Slices are precisely stacked on top of each other even when the stacks are 100mm high 
  • The slicer can also be equipped with the automatic shaving function upon request 
  • The machine can also accommodate the off-set delivery of products such as cheese 
  • Compact and space-saving design ensures optimum utilization of space-saving 
  • High degree of flexibility: Product can be changed without mechanically changing the system 
  • Special solution: expanded chamber up to 220 mm to accommodate Italian Mortadella for example 
  • Dimension of the machine 
  • Length: 210 cm 
  • Width: 80 cm 
  • Height: 210 cm 
  • Electrical power: 4.8kW 
  • Delivery time: 30 working days after payment 

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  • Model:Type 2550
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